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Life After Bard for Me

By Emily Schmall '05
Hola desde Miami. This is my second residence here since Bard. I started at The Miami Herald shortly after leaving Annandale-on-Hudson (Tivoli, really), and am now bureau chief of a real estate media start-up called The Real Deal. Six weeks ago, I capped off three and a half years working as a freelance journalist in Mexico D.F.; Lima, Peru; Monrovia, Liberia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Shalini Adnani '11
Life after Bard has been radically different, albeit being a bumpy road – one filled with uncertainty, ambiguity, and constant doubt – it has been surprisingly fulfilling and enlightening. While at Bard, I became a Latin American Studies major by default due to my general affiliation with Latin America, my love for its culture, traditions, and literature, but most of all because of my need to redefine my hometown from an outside perspective.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Stephanie Urugutia '11
I graduated from Bard in 2011 with a Bachelor in Political Studies and a concentration in Latin American Studies. During my junior year at Bard I participated in the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program and interned as a legal assistant at Safe Horizon Immigration Law Project (ILP). As a first generation American, US immigration policy played a significant role for my family, friends and community members. At Safe Horizon ILP that personal connection turned into my life’s passion and work.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Lizzie Graham ’10
I graduated from Bard in 2010 with a major in Economics and a concentration in Latin American and Iberian Studies. Although I grew up in Latin America, I discovered my interest in studying it once I had arrived at Bard. What lead me to research and be interested in all aspects of its culture was a mixture of nostalgia and also, the interest my peers had in Latin American studies. I chose to concentrate on Latin American Studies as well because I found myself deeply motivated to investigate academically and understand the place I had recently left.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Zak Powers '10
I graduated from Bard in 2010 with a degree Spanish language and Latin American/Iberian studies. During my time at Bard I had the opportunity to work with the Nicaragua Exchange project in January 2008, where I lived in the village of Chacraseca, Nicaragua, constructing houses for resident families. In Spring of 2009, I also studied abroad in Buenos Aires, living with a host family and attending courses instructed in Spanish at NYU Buenos Aires. My senior project was Others, Before a translation of La mayor by  Argentine novelist by Juan José Saer.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Braden Marks '06
I graduated from Bard in 2006 with a degree in Spanish Literature. Bard gave me the opportunity to fuse my interests in Latin American-Iberian culture and literature with my identity as an artist and theatre-maker. For my senior project, I translated Jose Sanchis Sinisterra’s play Ay, Carmela! and produced/directed a staged reading in collaboration with the Bard Theatre Department. A project provided me with many foundational experiences in theater, writing and translation, upon which I have continued to build.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Jon Leslie ’08
I graduated from Bard in 2008 with a degree in Comparative Literature.  During my second year at Bard, inspired by the practical organizational efforts of my classmates involved with the Migrant Labor Project, I began to assist on a weekly basis in the teaching of English to migrant farm laborers in the town of Red Hook.  Towards the end of the first semester, a classmate informed me that grant money had been made available with the express intent of creating an after-school program for Elementary School ESL students in Rhinebeck, most of whom came from the same Central American countries as the migrant workers, and that TLS was seeking a second-year student with a certain amount of experience and interest in the subject to run the operation.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Riva Lencer '10
I graduated from Bard in 2010.  I did a joint major of Anthropology and Human Rights.  During the summer of my sophomore year, I worked in a local indigenous school in the mountains of Otavalo, Ecuador. With only one teacher for the entire school, grades first to seventh, our presence allowed for more individual attention. Since it was the summer,  we wrote lesson plans for Monday to Wednesday and cleaned, painted, and improved the school building Thursday and Friday.  On the weekend we explored the town and surrounding areas, absorbing the Ecuadorian culture.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Mariana Giusti '07
I graduated from Bard in 2007 and the years that followed have been the most exciting ones of my life. I have traveled, worked and researched throughout Latin America, expanding on the valuable knowledge I attained in my undergraduate years.  Expand for more.Expand
By: Flora Pereira '09
I graduated from Bard College in 2009, with a major in Comparative Literature and a concentration in Latin American and Iberian Studies. That year, I returned to my beautiful hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I spent a year exploring many of Rio’s social and cultural facets, as well as developing my own collaborative multi-media documentary projects.  Expand for more.Expand